£85.00 - £110.00

RESOLUTION is four precision faders that can be used to send out or attenuate voltages.

>Knob - For each of the faders, use the knob to set the level of attenuation when the fader is on full. To do so, put the fader fully open then adjust the knob until the module is sending out the most voltage that you would like. Now the fader will act only from zero to this point.
>Fader - The faders attenuate the voltage signal for each channel, allowing voltage up to the maximum set by the knob above.

>Inputs - Are normalled together as a buffered mult from left to right. So you can plug in one cv signal and get up to four outputs with different attenuation. The first input is also normalled to a +5v offset (this is provided by a 5v regulator and does not require power from the 5v rail).
>Outputs - As you would expect.

>21mm depth
>17ma at +12v
>14mA at -12v

Please see the build guide if you are building this kit!


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