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  • RAZE
  • RAZE
  • RAZE

RAZE is a simple but unique sounding 4hp distortion module, capable of destroying sound completely.

> Raze - Controls how destructive the distortion is, from subtle hard clipping to totally broken fuzz. When the control passes the halfway point, the signal will get slowly more destroyed over time and will regenerate when the control is put back before this point.
> Volume - Sets the output level of the effect. Can boost or attenuate the signal. This is particularly useful when switching the effect in and out. With the raze control on zero and the push on full the volume can push into harsh limiting clipping.
> Push - Sets the amount of gain pushing into the distortion circuit.

>Input/output - As you'd expect, keeping RAZE small and simple.

>21mm depth
>8mA at +12v
>8mA at -12v


As a UK based business, EU customers are now likely to be charged VAT/Customs on delivery of their package, please look into this before ordering. We would have preferred to have stayed in the European Union for a myriad of reasons and are unhappy with the current situation. We greatly appreciate our european customers continuing to buy from us despite these charges and will include a free 10hp cereal instruments blind panel in all EU orders until the situation gets better.