CASCADE is a two-pole, four-position performance rotary switch.

> Switch - This is the rotary control that selects which connection is made on both rows. When pointed straight up, the top connection is made. As it is moved clockwise, the connection moves down.

> Switch Centre - The top jack of each column is the centre of each switch pole. They aren't labelled as inputs or outputs as they can be used as both, provided they are connected to the opposite to the rest of the column. For example, four inputs and one output, or one input and four outputs.
> Switch Position Connectors - The bottom four jacks of each column are the connections for each position of the switch. They are also normally connected top to bottom. This allows you to for example switch one input between four sources with one column whilst switching another between only two on the second column. This removes the need for additional mults and mixers. If you wish to have nothing connected you should keep this to the top jack or use a dummy cable FURTHER DOWN.

>21mm depth