Build Guides


There are no build guides for SWERVE and BINARY as there isn't a lot to say, in both cases the only parts that fit onto the pcb are the correct ones and they will only fit in the correct orientation (if that matters). We always advise soldering the components with the panel on the module as it ensures that they are all straight.


First solder the power header onto the back of the pcb.

Then place the jacks and pots, take notice of the pot values as they are listed on the pcb. Don't solder yet!

Put the panel on the module then solder the parts into place, this ensures that they are straight.

Then add the nuts and knobs and you're all done! Enjoy :)



Begin by soldering the power header onto the back of the PCB.

If your PCB says 'resolution v1' on the front of it then you will need to add a couple of additional grounding connections, solder this jack first...

Then bridge solder from the bottom leg of the jack to the pad of the 5v regulator as shown. This can be done at the end but it is much much easier with only this jack soldered.

Then place the sliders, the rest of the jacks and the pots. All slider and pot values are the same so this is nice and simple. Place the panel on the module before soldering to ensure that the parts are straight, you can use the included little black screws, under the panel to ensure that the sliders don't come away from the pcb as you solder, but remove them afterwards as they restrict the slider movement. Dont worry about the slider mounting holes being empty, this was a part change due to a covid shortage but doesn't affect the functionality.

Again, if you have a v1 pcb you also need to make this small ground connection on the back of the module as shown. From pin one of the first pot to pin one of the second.

Add the nuts, knobs and slider caps and you're all done! Enjoy!